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Jim R. Wilson
Jim R. Wilson


I can be reached by Email at: wilson.jim.r<at>, or by leaving a note on my contact page.



I am an expert at MediaWiki, as evidenced by my:

I was a technical reviewer for the O'Reilly MediaWiki Book (estimated availability: October, 2008).

I am also an expert at PHP and MySQL, the technologies on which MediaWiki is built.


Although I am a relative newcomer to HBase, I have already made a name for myself with my articles:

I have also submitted several patches to the project which have been accepted, including:

  • HBASE-608 which addresses DNS interface specification, and
  • HBASE-569 which supplies a demo client implementation in PHP.

I am also an expert at Hadoop and Java, the foundation technologies for HBase.

JavaScript and Ajax

I have written a number of articles on JavaScript development, for example:

I've also authored a miniseries of articles specifically about Ajax which includes:

Other Technical Writing

For more samples of my technical writing, I recommend these articles: